Stainless Steel Bolting

Solutions for Stainless Steel Bolting- Eliminate Galling.

The largest challenge when designing and installing completely stainless steel bolted assemblies is GALLING. The most common solution is to employ anti-seize pastes or greases but these products are messy and add an additional step to the installation process.

But what if a better solution existed that allowed designers and operators to install bolted joints just as they do standard carbon steel assemblies?

A better solution does exist.

J.Lanfranco Fasteners applies a permanent anti-galling treatment- which is not a wax or grease- at their factory to all of their locknuts. This anti-galling treatment when combined with the advantages of the DUAL SLOTTED LOCKNUT ensures:

  • No seize ups during installation or removal
  • No Greases or pastes
  • Guaranteed Friction Coefficient, 0.15 +/- 0.03
  • Use standardized torque values to achieve consistent preload!
  • Preservation of male threads
J. Lanfranco Fastener Systems