1. Locking performances?

Locks in any position independent of preload. Locking torques follow ISO 2320 which is equivalent to IFI 100/107.

2. Reusability?

Virtually unlimited.

3. Temperature?

Lanfranco all metal locknuts perform in temperatures from -200oC to +400oC.

4. Corrosion?

Ideally suited for corrosive environments, Lanfranco all metal locknuts are available in stainless steel 304 and 316, A2-70 and A4-80, as well as steel nuts with augmented corrosion resistance (600hrs to +1000hrs salt spray testing).

5. Galling?

Lanfranco all metal slotted locknuts will not damage the male part nor will they seize up upon installation or removal. This holds true even when dealing with stainless steel as Lanfranco uses unique and permanent anti-galling treatments.

6. Availability?

The majority of all Lanfranco made products are available from stock in either inch or metric sizes in a variety of materials. Parts may be shipped from our North American or European warehouse, or by one of our many worldwide distributors.

7. Quality and Traceability?

Lanfranco's production facility is certified ISO 9001:2000 for the production of security fasteners and turned parts. In addition to its ISO certification, Lanfranco is regularly audited to maintain its approval for use in nuclear fusion, transportation, electrification and other industrial applications. All parts ship with complete certificates of conformity detailing material, surface protection and lot number.